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Silver Star Stainless Steel

stainless steel screws

The Ultimate Corrosion Resistant Screw! 305 stainless steel for chemically treated materials, high moisture, or other caustic conditions. Available in 1-1/4” to 4”.

Bronze Star AC257 Approved

exterior us escrews

The Ultimate Exterior Coated Screw! Triple Coated Bronze great for use with chemically treated lumber. 1200 hour ACQ & salt-spay approved! 3/4” to 6”.

Bronze Star Construction Lags

lag screws

The Ultimate Lag Screw! Exterior coated heavy duty construction lag screws with built-on round washer head. Available in 1” to 16”.

Gold Star Zinc Coated

The Ultimate Interior General Purpose Fastener! Triple yellow zinc coating for hard or soft woods. Available in 1” to 14”.

ReamerTek Wood To Steel

The Ultimate Wood to Steel Screw! White Zinc Coated specifically fastening wood to steel or aluminum. Available in 1-5/8” to 3-1/4”.

C-Deck Decking Screw

The Ultimate Composite Deck Screw! 2-3/4” Exterior E-coat color matched to 16 common decking boards! 1-3/4” for fascia, fencing and railing! TREX® Approved!

Timber Hex Timber & Log

timber hex screws

Superior Alternative to Spikes - 5/16” Hex Drive screws for log homes, landscaping timber connections, and other exterior applications.

M2M Metal Screws

The Ultimate Metal to Metal Screw! NEW!! Our M2M Metal to Metal screw is the perfect option for getting through that heavy gauge steel!

Phillips Head Drywall Screws

drywall screws

Our drywall screws have a bugle head to prevent tearing, a phosphate coating to help resist corrosion and a Phillips drive recess.

Ultimate Hidden Deck Fastener

The Ultimate Hidden Deck Fastener- Requires no pre-drilling, glue or under deck work! Holds tight & is completely out of sight!

DeckLok Deck Brackets

The Ultimate in Deck Safety! DeckLok - The Advanced Lateral Anchor. For railing posts, stair stingers and ledgers! Only system patented and proven to meet code!

Rail Lok For Rail Sections

The RailLok brackets provide a strong, reliable railing to post connection. The brackets are built to outlast the service life of the railing.